Transfers at sea


Sailboat transfers up to 24 meters for individuals, shipyards and brokers.

Sometimes you lack the time, the ability, the help of an experienced partner or simply… the trust.

Being accompanied during a transfer to face the journey more peacefully or to entrust your boat in the hands of an experienced skipper is a conscious and reasonable gesture.

The delivered boat must be in order with the documents, the equipment in order and must be able to navigate without problems. A careful check will be made at the time of boarding and before the transfer and any known defect must be described to the skipper upon delivery who will in any case constantly inform the owner about the position and conditions throughout the journey.

The costs are related to the miles to be traveled, the season, the type of boat and the minimum number of crew members to which travel and galley expenses for the crew, expenses incurred for fuel, moorings and a lump sum which takes into account contingencies.